Sunday, June 28, 2009

*Lady* Bella

I adopted "Lady" whose name is now Bella from the Isabella Animal Shelter on June 22nd. She came home the following day. Bella is an 8 month old chocolate lab/ German short hair mix. We picked a good one that's for sure. She loves to sleep in, is pretty much already house broken, and likes to cuddle. We've found out that Bella is a total bed hog and tends to always find the best spot on the bed. I'm hoping she's going to like the water so we can take her swimming and all that good stuff. She will have her first lake experience this coming Tuesday when we take her to my house in the U.P for the fourth. Grandma has been showing off her picture so the whole family is excited to meet her. Maggie is going to be mad. Well it's nap time for Bella and I. I'll keep ya updated.